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inm "Duet" File Coarse 100/100


inm "Duet" File Coarse 100/100

    The perfect file from side to side, end to end, and start to finish
    • Cushioned file
    • Foam buffere
    • Long lasting
    • Designed for maximum comfort, speed, and efficiency
    • White with a green ABS plastic center
    • Long lasting
    • Fast and efficient

    THIS PRODUCT: The Duet, 100/100, shaper-finisher is sanitizable and very durable. It is designed for maximum speed and efficiency.

    HOW TO USE: When finishing artificial enhancements; use the 100 Duet file to shape and shorten the nail. Next, flip the Duet and use the buffer to help reduce scratches.

    WASHABLE: “Washable” files cannot be soaked in liquid. They can be rinsed and gently scrubbed with a soft brush, but must be allowed to completely dry before re-using. They can also be lightly sprayed with sanitizer, and allowed to dry.