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LEPro Stir and Scoop Precision Spatual

Light Elegance

LEPro Stir and Scoop Precision Spatual

Because better tools make better pros, the LEpro Stir and Scoop spatula gives nail artists the control they need, all without sacrificing speed.  Featuring a textured, no-slip grip, stainless steel and double-ended functionality, the Stir and Scoop has a wide variety of fun and functional applications and is always disinfectable. 

The Scoop end is great for

✅   Picking up small particles for nail art

✅   Scooping Pretties, glitter & acrylic powder

✅   Sprinkling dry powders onto the nail


The Spatula end is great for

✅   Stirring, mixing & scraping gel products

✅   Picking up gels to place onto a palette 

✅   Blending gels together

✅   Keeping air bubbles out of gel